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  • 14K gold plated iron chain, approx 4.5x6mm, 0.8mm thicknesscopper chain with Chinese crystal glass, approx 7mm diacopper chain with orange Chinese crystal glass, black plated, approx 8mm diaCopper chains, platinum plated, approx 11-13mmblue Dichromatic Agate beads, faceted round, 8mm dia, 50pcs per stcaffee Fire Agate beads, faceted round, approx 8mm diaround purple striped Agate Beads, approx 6mm diaround striped Agate Beads,, approx 6mm diaround striped Agate Beads, green, approx 6mm diaround natural Gray Agate Beads, approx 6mm diaGreen Tibetan Agate Tube Beads Evil Eye, approx 10-30mm, 10pcs per stNatural Agate Round Beads Faceted Dye Mix Color, approx 14mmblue Agate stick beads Necklace Chain, approx 17-60mmround Lava stone beads, blue electroplated, approx 12mm diaround Morganite Beads, A-grade, mixed color, approx 8mm diaRose Quartz beads, round, approx 8mm diaGarnet Beads, faceted round, approx 14mm diablack Tourmaline beads, freeform, approx 8-12mmred Mashan Jade Beads, round, approx 6mm diablue Lampwork Glass button Beads with Evil Eye, approx 16mm, 25pcs per stRed Garnet Beads Smooth Round, approx 4mm diaPurple Amethyst Beads Smooth Round, approx 10mm diaRed Carnelian Agate Beads Faceted Round, approx 8mm diaBlue Lapis Lazuli Beads Bicone, approx 6mmNatural Peacock Brazilian Angelite Beads Smooth Round Green, approx 14mm diaSynthetic Quartz Rondelle Beads Watermelon Pink, approx 5x8mmNatural Tourmaline Beads Rondelle Multicolor, approx 5.5mmNatural White Quartz Jade Beads Faceted Round, approx 8mm diaNatural Silver Leaf Jasper Beads Faceted Round, approx 12mm diaNatural Rock Agate Rondelle Beads Graduated Rough, approx 15-27mmround Clear Quartz bead bracelet, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaround purple Amethyst bead bracelet, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaround Labradorite bead bracelet, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diawhite crazy agate bead bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaGreen Aventurine bead bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaChinese Amazonite bead bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaround Rose Quartz beads bracelet, pink, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diawhite porcelain bead bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diapink plum blossom jasper beads bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diamixed gemstone bead bracelet, round, stretchy, approx 8mm, 60mm diaChakra Bracelets with gemstone, buddha, mixed, stretchy, approx 8mm diablack Hematite Bracelets with foxhead, stretchy, approx 8mm diared Striped Agate Bracelet, stretchy, approx 14mmgreen Prehnite Bracelet Stretchy Round, approx 8mm diaIndian Agate Bracelet Stretchy Round, approx 8mm diaTiger Eye Stone Bracelet Stretchy, approx 4mmTiger Eye Stone Bracelet Stretchy, approx 10-14mmCherry Agate Bracelet Stretchy, approx 13-18mmSolar Quartz Druzy pendant, gold plated, mixed color, approx 12-16mmgreen Prehnite pendant, faceted teardrop, approx 9-15mmcopper perfume bottle Necklace with labradorite, antique red, approx 16-65mmLemon Quartz pendant, faceted teardrop, approx 12-16mmtibetan style horn pendant, resin, approx 20-55mmLabradorite connector, faceted teardrop, gold plated, approx 12-16mmpurple Amethyst perfume bottle pendant, approx 23-36mmMosaic Turquoise Hook Earring, teardrop, gold plated, approx 10-35mmPink Rose Quartz Teardrop Pendant Faceted Gold Plated, approx 10-18mmBlue Chinese Amazonite Eye Pendant Faceted Platinum Plated, approx 11-18mmmix Druzy Agate earring studs, copper, gold plated, approx 6-10mmagate druzy heart earring stud, mix color, copper, gold plated, approx 8mmblue turquoise pendulum pendant, gold plated, approx 12-40mmbrown bone arrowhead pendant, approx 20-45mmmix gemstone bullet pendant, approx 10-30mmnatural clear quartz beads, faceted round, Grade-A, approx 10mm diaChinese crystal glass bead, faceted pagoda, pink, approx 8x16mm. 50pcs per stOrganza bag, pink, 7x9cmgray Velvet Jewelry Pouch, approx 10x12cmpurple Velvet Jewelry Pouch, approx 10x12cmwhite Velvet Jewelry Pouch, approx 7x9cmClear Self Adhesive Seal Plastic nylon Bags, 7x25cmclear self adhesive seal Cellophane Bags, 4x6cmlampwork bead, barrel, approx 8mm dia925 Sterling Silver Natural Pearl Stud Earring Flower Gold Plated, approx 6mm, 9mmPU leather bracelets with magnetic clasp, approx 13mm, 70mm diahandmade miyuki glass Bracelet with Pearl, adjustable, approx 3mm, 16-24cm lengthHandmade braid Bracelet, adjustable, approx 6mm, 16-24cm lengthSpinel Bracelet with Rutilated Quartz, adjustable, approx 3mm, 16-24cm lengthPeridot Bracelet with Obsidian, adjustable, approx 3mm, 16-24cm lengthCopper Bangle Pave Zircon Gold Plated, approx 10mm, 55-60mmgold plated Iron Earring Wire, 15mm highcopper necklace with carabiner lock, evil eye, gold plated, approx 4x11mm, 44cm lengthcopper necklace, gold plated, approx 4x11mm, 44cm lengthcopper keychain clasp, heart, gold plated, approx 26mmcopper keychain clasp, circle, gold plated, approx 24mm diacopper lobster clasp, black plated, approx 6-9mmCopper Necklace Ball Chain Unfaded Rose Gold, approx 1.8mm, 42cm lengthCopper Necklace Snake Chain Unfaded Gold Plated, approx 1mm, 42cm lengthCopper Stud Earring Gold Plated, approx 30mmPearl Hoop Earring, gold plated, approx 14-20mmcopper Evil eye pendant paved zircon, platinum plated, approx 11.5mm diaround copper beads paved zircon, rose gold, approx 10mm diacopper butterfly necklace pave zircon, rose gold, approx 34-36mm, 44cm lengthcopper honeybee pendant paved zircon, black plated, approx 20-23mmcopper bracelet chain, rose gold, approx 4mm, 12cm lengthcopper butterfly Stud Earrings pave zircon, black plated, approx 9-10mmcopper hummer pendant paved zircon, gold plated, approx 11-14mmcopper bracelet chain with zircon, closed orings, gold plated, approx 12cm length, 1mm thicknesscopper Hoop Earrings paved zircon, gold plated, approx 12mm diaMother of Pearl Elephant Pendant, gold plated, approx 16-20mmcopper Ring paved zircon with red enamel heart, gold plated, approx 3-4mm, 17mm diacopper circle pendant paved zircon, eye, gold plated, approx 18mm diacopper Heart pendant with enamel, moon star, gold plated, mixed, approx 21mmcopper Elephant charm pendant with orange enamel, gold plated, approx 20-24mmcopper U-shape connector paved zircon, gold plated, approx 21-25mmcopper Bracelet with heart paved zircon, adjustable, gold plated, approx 8-13mm, 5-8mm, 16-21cm lengthcopper Star pendant paved Turquoise, zircon, gold plated, approx 25mmcopper Colover Stud Earring pave green shell, gold plated, approx 12mmcopper Heart pendant with red enamel, gold plated, approx 9mmcopper Stud Earring, gold plated, approx 5-35mmcopper Leaf Stud Earring pave zircon gold plated, approx 40-55mmStainless Steel Necklace Gold Plated, approx 7-10mm, 40-45cm lengthCopper FlatSnake Necklace Pave Zircon Gold Plated, approx 6mm, 33-38cm lengthPink Rose Quartz Butterfly Pendant Gold Plated, approx 15-19mmCopper HairDryer Charm Pendant Platinum Plated, approx 16mmCopper Microphone Pendant Pave Zircon Mixed, approx 9-21mmCopper Cube Beads 18K Gold Plated, approx 5mmCopper Lucky Cat Pendant Pave Zircon Gold Plated, approx 11mmCopper Stud Earring Pave Red Crystal Heart Gold Plated, approx 8mmCopper Stud Earring Pave Clear Crystal Gold Plated, approx 4-8mmFresh water shell bead, square, approx 12x12mm